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Official League By-Laws & Rules

Article I: Name

The Organization shall be known as Benito Juarez Men's Baseball League. Formerly known as Benito Juarez Mexican Baseball League.

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of the Benito Juarez Men's Baseball League is to promote sportsmanship, competition, and respect for the game of baseball. We as an organization continue to provide a place for ball players and teams to come together and share their passion and excitement for the game.

Article III: Board Members (2023)

President - John Ramirez

Vice President - Sergio Simental

Treasurer - Adam Mora

Article IV: Teams/Players/Coaches
  • All coaches and players are expected to respect his and other teams including all players, uniforms, all league officials, and any organization affiliated with the league.

  • Only team coaches and managers are allowed to discuss or argue play calls in a professional manner with umpires during a game.

  • Players or coaches verbally abusing an umpire, or an opponent shall be given a warning and are subject to ejection if verbal abuse continues.

  • Ejected players or coaches must leave the dugout and general game area. Refusal to do so can result in a forfeit being declared by an umpire.

  • If a player or coach is ejected, they will be fined $50. the fine must be paid before the player or coach is allowed to participate in the next game. Game umpires will be responsible for reporting ejected players/coaches to the league officials.

    • In the event of more serious offenses, the league may suspend a player or coach up to and including the remainder of the season.

  • Teams must provide each player a complete uniform on or before May 21st. 2023. Players must wear team colors if uniform is not available.

  • It is the players responsibility to provide proof of identification, if requested, at all times. All players will be required to present a valid state or federal picture ID, if requested by league officials. If a player cannot provide such identification, the player will be immediately removed from the game. Game may be played under protest by the opponent team.

Article V: Rosters/Lineups & Scorebooks
  • All team rosters are limited to 25 players. coaches/managers are excluded from this number.

  • Team(s) will be fined $100 if found to have more than 25 registered players on their final rosters.

    • Fees for such fine must be paid before the teams next scheduled game.​

  • Only registered players are allowed to participate in playoff games.

  • Every player must have played in a minimum of 5 games to be eligible for playoffs.

    • only 1 forfeit game may be utilized for player eligibility ​in playoff qualifications.

  • Scorebook at end of every game will be signed by umpires and turned in to the board members before the following scheduled weekly game. If the scorebook is not turned in on time, that specific game will not be allowed as a qualifying game for players in the lineup of that game.

  • Final Rosters are due by August 6th, 2023. 

    • No Roster changes will be allowed after this date.​

Article VI: Umpires
  • The Benito Juarez Men's Baseball league will provide umpires for each game. (Umpire fees are team's responsibilities)

  • Umpires are to be governed by their own by-laws but will assign a representative for league matters and meetings as required.

  • Umpires are not allowed to consume alcohol before or during any game in which they are involved.

  • Cell Phone usage is not allowed on the field of play by an umpire. If an umpire has an emergency, they must excuse themselves from the field of play.

  • Each team is required to provide the umpires with 2 baseballs at the beginning of each game. If required umpires may request additional baseballs from each team, starting with the home team.

  • 2023 Umpire fees per game:

    • Game with 1 umpire present: total fee = $130 (Each team will pay $65)​

    • Game with 2 umpire present: total fee = $180 (Each team will pay $90)

    • If for any reason a game never begins or is rained-out and umpires are present, the umpires will be paid $40 per team. (This only applies to morning 11am games)

  • Game umpires are responsible for reporting ejected players/coaches to league officials.

  • Umpires will be asked to sign all scorebooks at the end of games that they are involved in.

  • Prior to the start of every game, umpires will ask a coach or manger from each team to meet him at home plate and discuss the game ground rules.

Article VII: Forfeiture
  • Winning team score sheets on forfeited games shall be signed by the umpire. Only players that are present at the field for the winning team can be added to the score sheet.

  • A home team with less than 9 eligible players for a game shall lose by forfeit. The visiting team may begin a game with 8 players but will forfeit the game if a 9th batter fails to bat OR if the visiting team fails to take the field with 9 players.

  • Home teams are given a 15-minute grace period to allow for a 9th player to arrive in order to start the game. The time for the grace period is to start at the time of the scheduled game time. Umpires will be allowed to provide an additional 10 minutes at their discretion.

Article VIII: Playoff Games
  • All playoff series are best of 3 series.​

  • Teams will be reseeded after the first round, so that highest remaining seed faces lowest remaining seed in the semi-finals.

  • Only the championship series will start its series fresh on a Sunday.

  • Playoff tie-breakers will be as follows:

    • Teams records versus each other. ​

    • Runs scored versus each other.

    • Best winning percentage versus all qualified playoff teams.

  • Teams may protest games that they believe an unqualified player has participated in. The board members will review such protest and if deemed the accusation to be true, the team being accused may forfeit the series.

Article IX: Championship Series
  • During the Championship series The Benito Juarez Men's Baseball League will pay and provide the following:

    • Game Balls.

    • Umpire fees.

    • Trophies for 1st place, MVP, and 2nd place.

    • Cash prize for 1st place and 2nd place.

Article X: Additional Rules
  • Rainout will be determined no later than 9:30am for 11am games.

  • Each team may utilize an EH and DH in the lineup.

    • DH is only allowed for pitchers​.

  • Courtesy runners may be utilized for catchers after 2 outs. Courtesy runner must be a player not in the current game. If team has no eligible player on the bench, courtesy runner will be last batted out.

  • Benito Juarez Men's Baseball League is a wood bat League.

    • Composite wood bats are eligible.​

  • League Fees must be paid in full by July 1st. If League fee is not paid in full by said date, Team will not be allowed to participate in the All- Star Tournament. 

  • All rules and regulations are subject to change with the approval of the board members.

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